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Why Should An Enterprise Invest in A Cybersecurity Service Provider?

Updated: Feb 14, 2021

Managing an enterprise is quite difficult to begin with. This seemingly never-ending struggle of keeping up with the latest threat trends has only been compounded with the onset of a pandemic. The uncertainty and new state of flux created a scenario where managing a diverse workforce across remote locations became increasingly challenging. The trend of a remote workforce is likely the new normal, presenting more complexities and vulnerabilities.

Most businesses lack the time and resource expertise to devote themselves to successfully establish a cybersecurity model, much less one that is up to the arduous task of being on the cutting edge, while rooting out your organization’s unique risks. Worrying about the network your business solely relies on can prove to be costly and disastrous if mismanaged. This evolving cybersecurity ecosystem is sometimes best left to professionals that conduct this type of threat-based analysis daily.

A 'Managed Security Service Provider' (MSSP) provides complete management and monitoring of security systems and devices of an organization. The right MSSP delivers state-of-the-art, outsourced security services 24/7, designed categorically to reduce operational security expenditures of an enterprise. The right MSSP is expedient and efficient in their application of your security strategy while alleviating the sole burden of funding training for security personnel, retention of those employees, and access costly security tools and resources. At Shadowscape, our end-to-end intelligence-driven security services enable functionality, scalability and maximum capability.

Why choose a Managed Service Provider and not build a security team from scratch?

Figuring out the tactics of applying security safeguards, maintaining security tools, training resources, and ultimately, worrying about retaining skilled security talent can be exhausting and expensive. The inherent financial repercussions are frequently prohibitive for a mid-sized enterprise. More organizations are making a conscious shift to include managed security services for network risk mitigation.

Information security is a predominant focus for businesses trying to navigate avoidance of identity theft, data theft, and network security compromises. An MSSP monitors network security and alerts the client when anomalies are diagnosed. They will actively respond to the threats while investigating these anomalies to rule out the false positives. Vulnerability scanning; endpoint management (anti-virus) services; firewall management; intrusion detection; and virtual private network (VPN) are key deliverables of MSSPs. High-availability security operation facilities are used by MSSPs to deliver tailor-made solutions for the client.

Managed IT services include a host of customized operations:

  • A fully staffed 24/7 Network Operations Center (NOC) at a fraction of cost against building one in-house – ideal for small and medium businesses (SMB)

  • Correlated monitoring and management of logs 24/7

  • Patch/vulnerability management ensures updated and a low-risk profile

  • Review and enforcement of IT policies for stringent employee adherence

  • End-to-end configured Virtual Private Network (VPN) administration for secure network access by users’ site-to-site protected connections

  • Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) for networks and endpoints address daily issues of scanning, patching and total administration

  • Mobile Device Management to avoid data leakage and unauthorized access

  • Shadowscape's 'Firewall-as-a-service' provides preconfigured, turnkey firewall management solutions

  • Secure End User training educates users to realize the potential minefields of social engineering frauds

Security services personalized for your business requirements

Tailor-made network security solutions are the most critical, most underserved roles played by managed IT service providers and MSSPs. Today’s MSSP must respond to and mitigate security issues and prepare immediate incident responses before a breach happens. A client with regulatory requirements and a wealth of sensitive data having no or minimal infrastructure for the Security Operations Center (SOC) can immensely benefit from MSSPs who conduct proactive security analysis.

Threat actors are changing the pace of their game every minute. Shadowscape builds and implements cutting edge security programs in tandem. This preemptive strategy is enforced to address the adapting adversary. Our technology evolves and matures with the changing threat landscape. Is your business a high-value target for cybercriminals and unwarranted insider threats?

MSSPs detect cyber intrusions, malicious activities, and malware in your network and rapidly respond to mitigate and eliminate those threats. Superior service providers actually have quite a light footprint in your network and offer a perfect combination of technology and human intervention to provide real-time solutions.

The changing landscape of Managed Security Services (MSS)

All MSSPs are not created equal. The formal process of shifting alignment in the industry was observed in the last three years. The MSS industry is getting redefined and reinvigorated with the upgraded needs of both the vendors and consumers.

The key driver of change is the demand of diversification. MSS portfolios continue to expand with a varied range of deliverable functions. It is becoming nearly impossible for consumers to solely compare capabilities to decide a vendor. Entities without any specialized and identifiable skill in security have entered the market to compete with known players.

COVID-19 only accelerated the focus on the undiluted solution of threat detection and immediate response. Clients recognize the urgency of improved threat visibility both in their networks and infrastructure. Phishing, malware from outside agencies and mounting pressure of insider threat have pushed enterprises to adopt MSS solutions in this post-pandemic situation.

The MSS market promises a diverse and complex outline going forward. The three core functional areas of the MSS structure will get more attention as they progressively interact and overlap with each other. 'Delivery Platforms' (locally/cloud hosted, Saas); 'Technology Maintenance' (maintaining technology and delivering content); and 'Security Operations' (outcome-based solution) – will evolve at a faster rate. According to Gartner, threat detection, urgent response services and SOC-as-a-Service will turn out to be the core focus area for the next few years.

Sharpened focus on managed security is Shadowscape's thrust area. The company has been steadily expanding its footprint in the industry with custom services such as Endpoint RMM; Patch/Vulnerability Management; Mobile Device Management; VPN Management; Network RMM; Firewall-as-a-service, Threat Intelligence-as-a-Service and much more. All of these solutions are provided with “baked-in” proactive threat informed risk analysis to grow the client’s security strategy.

MSSP threat monitoring in the post-COVID world

Advanced, proactive threat monitoring is the name of the game. Remote locations, distributed workforce, access to sensitive data, unprotected networks – the challenges simply keep on mounting in these troubled times. A progressive and responsive service provider with requisite skill sets and maneuvers to outdo adversaries is of utmost importance. Seamless service delivery where each service works together to deliver an outstanding performance. Threat management services also broadly include identity management, cloud security, and managed security offerings.

Compliance monitoring witnessed significant concern from businesses and rightly so. The benefits and ease of working from home has led many to violate regulations as companies scrambled during the lockdown season. The number of access credential abuses has resulted in multiple attacks on endpoint security. Upholding IT policy compliance includes keeping detailed logs of system changes in terms of a security policy violation.

The exponential rise in cyber-crime in the last one year only highlights the importance of investing in equipped and reputable MSS Provider. As projected in 'Covid-19 Impact On Cybersecurity Market, 2020', nearly 12% CAGR of cybersecurity spending will be driven by cybercrimes. The impact of COVID-19 will be felt across sectors and businesses. The market growth can be ascribed to securing the IP and remote infrastructure of enterprises owing to remote programs and work from home.

Single-tenant security solutions enabled by third-party Managed Security Services Providers (MSSPs) is pegged to be the fastest-growing and largest segment in security services outlay. IDC predicts that MSS will account for as much as half of total spending in the 5-year forecast period of 2020-2024.

According to the 'IDC Worldwide Security Spending Guide – Forecast 2020', the demand precipitated by the ongoing pandemic situation will drive steady growth for a diverse range of security services and products. Managed services will even lead the perennially expanding categories of consulting and integration services.

What's apparent is that Managed Security Services are the future of security and for many organizations, are the most sensible solution.


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