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The centralized cyber analysis platform


Know exactly where you stand against your threats... BEFORE a compromise.
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Threat prep

What is threatpshere?

  • A risk assessment, gap-analysis, cyber maturity evaluation and threat assessment all rolled into one.

  • A comprehensive analysis and breakdown of your organization's  most vulnerable internal risks mapped to the client's most uniquely pervasive and prolific threats within the threat landscape.

  • Adheres to the MITRE ATT&CKTM framework

  • Recommendations for action by industry experts and planning assessments to curate a solid defense posture.

  • Expert informed threat reporting surrounding the most high-profile cyber adversaries and analysis of their current TTPs.

  • An unbiased assessment of your current network defense posture and cybersecurity maturity assessment (ability to deflect, detect, mitigate and respond).


WHY do I need this?:

  • Save money, time and resources. Our team is highly experienced in intelligence analysis, cyber threat analysis and maintain some of the most indispensable Threat Intelligence resources within the industry. We specialize in studying sources on the dark-web, forums, IRCs and more to plot and predict trends within the threat landscape.

  • Focus on behavioral analytics and observables instead of playing "whack-a-mole" with non-contextual IOCs.

  • Be able to "predict" likely adversary campaigns due to most likely avenues of approach and subsequently tailor your network defenses strategically to observe and detect adversary behavior through such avenues.

  • Determine where in an adversary's campaign the most security value can be obtained by making the recommended changes.

  • Obtain the information needed to break and adversary's "chain" of attack.


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Click here to edit the text and include the information you would like to feature.


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how prepared are you?

The question that emerges when trying to decide whether threat data is relevant or not falls upon an assessment of an organization's own network’s risks. If internal risks are unknown, it makes it nearly impossible to know which threats are most likely to take advantage of an organization's vulnerabilities.


This is why intelligence is only intelligence when contextual...

Analysts can better understand the specific, contextual threats facing an organization by seeking to answer the following questions:


  • Which threat actors and categories of threats are most likely to attempt to breach the client’s network?

  • What methods will these threat actors likely employ to breach the client’s network?

  • What will the threat actors’ goals be, and how might that shape the plan of attack?

  • What indicators may provide the earliest possible warning of identified threat activity?

At Shadowscape, we believe intelligence that focuses solely on non-contextual threat data isn't intelligence at all. What’s missing in the industry is analysis. What's missing is context or the conduit that directly links contextual, specific threats to client specific vulnerabilities. That’s where our Threat Intelligence is different... we have crafted & cultivated the TTPs to allow us to do just that. A great place to start is with a Threat Preparation Assessment.

Know Thy Enemy//Know Thyself...


The old playbook is not enough.

Contextual Cyber Threat Intelligence is at the heart of our TI. It seeks to identify client specific threats which are more likely to target a given organization over another. It also seeks to define an adversary’s exploit methodology and motivation. While contextual threat intelligence analysis can never provide absolute certainty as to future threats, it can be of tremendous benefit in reducing uncertainty to support well informed, cybersecurity focused business decisions. The universe of threats is constantly growing, as are the available tools and techniques used by cyber-adversaries. By seeking to answer key questions, threat intelligence can enhance the defender’s ability to employ their defenses in the most effective and efficient manner. It does so by helping the defender understand how to prioritize which defenses are most likely to defeat the threat actor with the highest probability of launching a campaign to breach their networks using the most prolific and pervasive attack vectors seen amongst the threat landscape.







We undergo an all-inclusive assessment of your industry vertical, your operations and network defense postures to identify your ability to detect, mitigate and respond to threats.


Processing and Exploitation


We cross reference the information with our continual and constant threat landscape, triaging the information down to the most relevant and pervasive threats that are poised to take advantage of your network.



An exhaustive process of intelligence analysis is employed to connect the dots that line up between client vulnerabilities and adversary tactics to provide a product that is timely, accurate, relevant and predictive.




Once a complete threat/risk profile has been documented for our client's consumption, we will diagram the risks, quantify the threat, and develop our recommendations for action/remediation.


Final Report


Our final report will provide an easily consumable "snapshot" of where the client's defenses are weak, cross referenced with where the adversary is strong and comprehensive guides of what remediation recommendations to prioritize first.



Contact a representative today to discuss your unique threats and your  individual risk levels..

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