Threat intelligence Services

situational awareness, operationalized

Shadowscape's Threat Intelligence services are led by a fusion team of highly experienced former intelligence professionals and skilled network defense operators.  Our clients receive timely, accurate, relevant, predictive intelligence; equipping them with full-spectrum context, on-target security recommendations, and proactive adversary impact assessment.  Broad coverage built specifically for you provides rapid notification of external threat activities, affording enhanced understanding of your comprehensive risk and security posture. 



The Challenge

Ask yourself; what are the factors impeding our success as a SOC, a company or even the industry as a whole?

  • Lack of focus, prioritization and manpower

  • Attempting to "buy" oneself out of the problem with vendor tools.

  • Lack of understanding the limitations and vulnerabilities of our own operational environments

  • Lack of understanding our unique threats that are poised to take advantage of our network

  • Not utilizing the knowledge of our unique threats to directly inform and craft our defensive strategy

  • Lack of metrics for all of the above which demonstrate improvements and new challenges over time

Our Solution

Simply put, there's a lack of analysis in this industry. Commoditized, threat-focused reports offer great information, but fall short of the impact true intelligence is designed to provide. More knowledge about generalized threats alone won’t reduce your uncertainty. Successful intelligence demands real context, tailored to your needs.  Our purple team approach blends the knowledge of the adversary and your defenses to provide high-quality cyber threat intelligence to focus your defenses on those threats which are credible, relevant, and have motive to do you and your business harm. Our threat intelligence team uses proven intelligence analysis techniques along with the most cutting-edge technology available to analyze and report on the relationship between your unique threats, your business context, and your unique risks.

Industry Differentiator

Shadowscape's approach to Cyber Threat Intelligence is a continual process of analyzing which threats specifically are poised to the clients unique risks, letting intelligence inform and aggregate all security operations. By serving as the governing body of all security operations, it allows one security effort to inform another and acts as a centralized intelligence base to inform the client of internal risks and external threats, consuming knowledge from all angles of both defensive and offensive security.

Shadowscape Threat Intelligence services are staffed by a team of experienced cybersecurity experts and former intelligence professionals.  Our clients rely on us as an extension of their team, enabling prioritization of indicators, full-spectrum context, on-target security recommendations, and impact assessment.  Thorough coverage developed specifically for you produces an enhanced understanding of your comprehensive risk and security posture. 


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Our approach to Cyber Threat Intelligence is a continual process of linking specific threats to the specific risks, and identifying the vulnerabilities that lie between, letting intelligence inform and aggregate all network security operations by working hand-in-hand with our customer’s network defenders [...] LEARN MORE

why shadowscape?

  • Alleviate the cost of building/staffing an entire security team from scratch.

  • Defer your security posture to experts who live and breathe the TTPs of the Cyber Adversary.

  • Allow an impartial third party to assess and evaluate your network risks.

  • We understand the process of intelligence led security operations to our core.