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Breaches don't occur where you're looking. They happen in the blind spots. We can find yours. 
We help organizations easily understand their cyber risks, how to mitigate them, then prescribe recommendations. Not the other way around. No more buying tools and hoping for security.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Your security program can be easier to manage, faster, cheaper and more effective.
Contact us to find out how.

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There's not a lack of data in the industry... there's a lack of quantified, measurable analysis. 

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our methodology

Shadowscape is an intelligence driven cybersecurity analytics company. We dive deep within the threat landscape to scrutinize the cyber adversary's tactics, techniques and procedures in order to gain a comprehensive understanding of their methods of attack. To cyber threats, what you aren't doing to secure your network is far more important than what you are doing. We take the same approach to ensure that each of your security solutions actively solves a measurable, quantified risk. We don't just sell you as much "security" as possible. That's how Shadowscape is different.


Understand your security profile at a glance without significant technical background.


Clear workflows based on quantified priorities and measurable risks.


Quantified impact analyses based on empirical data to determine exactly what to focus on.


The centralized cyber intelligence analysis platform

Let Analysis get your security program back on track

Your existing solutions may be plenty to reach your risk tolerance goals... if they are configured correctly. Let us conduct our in-depth analysis to determine if the latest threats are not taking advantage of that one hidden weakness...

Risk Informed Security

Security shouldn't just be thrown together. Once implemented, the effectiveness should be measurable.


Do you know if your current security solutions are keeping you safe? Probably not without analyzing and testing what's actually being blocked and what's getting through. 


Compliance is a necessary component of security, like it or not. However, compliance rarely leads to security, while security can lead to compliance. As we implement security controls, they are directly mapped to major compliance frameworks. to know where you are at a glance.

Adaptive Security Plan

Your network is dynamic and so are cyber threats. Ensuring you're protected requires vigilance to ensure your network is keeping up with the latest threat methods.

Return on Investment

We're not interested in selling you security "stuff". We're interested in making sure your security solutions are capable and configured properly to make sure you're getting the most "bang for your security buck". 


Work Smarter. Not Harder.

In-depth, Threat informed risk analysis (NSBE)


At Shadowscape, we analyze your Threats and Vulnerabilities to determine the best course of action

Quantified Financial Impact Analysis


We show the financial impact of a security intrusion vs. the cost of mitigation

Clear, concise security roadmap along with ROIs


We work with you to balance RISK and Budget to ensure you have the RIGHT security.

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Our Process
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Are You Ready to Understand Where Your Risks Are?

We're in this together

We're standing by to help you find the exact right security controls to mitigate your gaps in coverage, piece by piece, configuration by configuration. Don't spend another dime on security until you can make clear exactly what your security is doing to keep your network safe.

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