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Make no mistake about it, there is not a networked organization on earth that is not at risk for a breach. The question is, what are you doing about it? There is a virtual limitless array of organizations that are willing to bombard you with information, but here, we cut through the noise to give you the hard intelligence needed to remediate and improve your defensive posture.


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Percentage of breaches that involve small business victims.


Percentage of breaches that take more than a year for organizations to discover.


Phase 1: Threat Preparation Assessment


Our TIaaS is a twofold process of onboarding the customer to conduct our comprehensive Threat Preparation Assessment which provides a baseline snapshot of your current risk/threat profile and in which areas we need to focus our efforts.

Phase 2: Ongoing TI monitoring and Analysis

This phase consists of utilizing our deep and dark web resources, brand monitoring tools and analytic expertise to monitor ongoing trends and tactics which are prioritized by your initial threat preparation assessment. In a sense, your risk profile becomes a living entity with metrics to chart where you were, where you are and where you're going with each of your security posture improvements.

It is this phase which embodies the TIaaS subscription based model of continual tech stack/brand monitoring, threat landscape reporting, risk profile recommendations, data monitoring, as well a three types of reporting: tactical, operational and strategic.

Getting your arms around all the weaknesses and shortcomings of the network you administer can be extremely difficult. We can provide the intelligence to make sense of where you should be spending your time.



Chart how your defense posture improves over time, making it easy to demonstrate the value associated with our TIaaS.


Mitre ATT&CKTM centric delivery

Our Threat Intelligence reporting and recommendations for action are communicated through standards and frameworks such as ATT&CKTM, NIST and CIS.


On-demand reporting that gives security and net/sys admins the specific details of what needs to be fixed immediately to mitigate potential catastrophic compromise.


Monthly reporting that gives security leaders and management the tools and insight into the technical challenges wrought by the latest cyber adversaries.


Quarterly reporting that gives organizational leaders a clear view of the threats that impact ongoing business operations as whole in order to make strategic decisions.


Be One Step Ahead with Our Proactive Threat Intelligence Service

Today, all of our devices connect to the internet. Our watches, our cars, even our microwaves can be internet compatible. This opens up whole new possibilities for how we can connect our lives, but it also opens up the door to attack. Hackers and other cyber threats are now using these connected devices to create new threats to our cyber security. Our threat intelligence service knows the latest trends in security and stays one step ahead of potential threats.
We root our strategies in proactive threat intelligence. This form of security goes way beyond conventional methods. We don’t just stop at a quick look at your systems and the basics checks. Our threat intelligence service performs a deep analysis of your systems and tests your networks for any possible weakness. We study your system for both conventional problems as well as test every inch of your network for the less conventional flaws in your security. This level of analysis can give you the edge over cyber criminals.
As the old saying goes: The best defense, is a good offense. Our proactive threat intelligence specialists know exactly what hackers and other malicious entities will be looking for. We stay up to date on all of the latest security strategies, system vulnerabilities, and all of the ways your data can be exploited by bad actors. This allows us to give you the edge in staying safe in our increasingly connected world.


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