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leave the guessing to the adversary

Chief Information Security Officers are a luxury to have for many companies. One that many businesses are not able to afford. Further, companies that are lucky enough to fill that billet can be overrun by day-to-day duties and are unable to focus on long term strategy and the quantification of cyber risk. That’s where Shadowscape’s CISOaaS comes in.


CISOaaS is designed to develop a tailored, threat-based security program strategy on behalf of the client in order to ensure that security vulnerabilities are being mitigated in a prioritized manner, as advised by the current, unique threats to the client as well as the risks that would be most impactful.


Compliance will not pave the road to security, but security will pave the road to compliance.

Assess your cyber maturity and vulnerabilities through multiple frameworks such as Mitre ATT&CK, NIST CSF CMMC, and more…

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CISO-as-a-service description

CISO-as-a-Service is the perfect solution for small to medium businesses that lack the resources to staff and maintain/retain a security staff with experienced leadership and savvy to navigate a security program full time. This service is designed with small-medium businesses (SMBs) in mind to offer comprehensive, enterprise-level security yet remain scalable and cost-effective for the SMB.

  • Kickoff with a Network Security Baseline Evaluation (NSBE) to identify your current security posture and identified vulnerabilities.

  • Initial Threat Preparation Assessment to assess, identify and reconcile your security gaps, risks and unique threats.

  • Tailored security roadmap report that is updated quarterly.

  • Compliance assessment as dictated by industry

  • Threat Intelligence-as-a-Service (TIaaS) baked in to keep your security program vigilant in the face of a changing threat landscape.

  • Constant monitoring: Key log files monitored for malicious activity

  • Continual assessments to ensure you are in compliance with required regulatory frameworks complete with advanced reporting.

  • Risk profile assessment that is continually updated as risks improve, are introduced or as new threats manifest.

  • Alleviate work load with continual policy recommendations as driven by gap analyses, risk mitigation and security profiling.

  • Tailored solutions: We'll adapt to work with in-house or outsourced IT/security personnel as part of the team.

  • Sophos Security Awareness Training: Comprehensive employee online training designed to teach about how to avoid phishing campaigns and other security threats. This training includes internal phishing campaigns complete with metrics for improvement.


A security program built for trust

Let security and compliance be an value-driven opportunity instead of a burden. With CISO-as-a-Service you can rest assured that you are receiving a cost-effective, comprehensive and secure network solution that instills confidence to your customers, employees and stakeholders. Let us guide your security program by contacting us for a consultation today!

A security program built for trust

When clients subscribe to Shadowscape Security Services, they aren't just receiving security, but a comprehensive, threat informed risk/threat assessment program that constantly recalibrates the client's security posture in the face of changing threat environment. Doing so ensures that your defense solutions are always maximizing their return and never growing stale.

Schedule a consultation with one of our analysts to find out how we can help you supercharge your security program.
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