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What do we know about the adversary? What can we know? As an industry, what are we seeking to learn? Are we really taking the steps to understand the attacker? Do we really seek to tear apart their craft and truly breakdown the means, the motive and the indispensable talent required to commit a critical intrusion? Shadowscape wasn't founded because we invented Threat Intelligence. It was founded because there is a crucial lack of meaningful analysis. Shadowscape was founded by intelligence experts that apply this analysis to the cyber threat, and let that intelligence guide our operations. Historically, there's been a lack of scrutiny of the craft of our cyber foes, but not anymore.


The variables are all there for us to discover, as are the behaviors that give rise to malicious cyber activity. As long as we're looking for them. Our team doesn't just seek to learn where they've been, we seek to learn where they are at this moment and where they're going to be. Shadowscape is different not because of what we do, but because of how we do it. We seek to follow the adversary, to understand them, to study their every move and finally... predict where they'll strike. We seek to directly analyze and characterize the unique risks posed to our clients. We directly posture the network defenses of our clients to be the virtual antithesis of our foes' modus operandi.

Shadowscape was founded in Boise, Idaho on the premise that intelligence has the power to guide decision making by more than just simply ingesting data. We are an intelligence driven cybersecurity analytics company. We dive deep within the threat landscape to scrutinize the cyber adversary's tactics, techniques and procedures in order to gain a comprehensive understanding of their methods of attack. This knowledge allows us to employ a threat based approach to assessing our client's network defenses in order to determine likely vectors of cyber attack and provide ongoing monitoring for adversary behavior and recommendations for mitigation.

Let us train or provide you with our unique brand of threat intelligence today.




  • Former Marine Corps Intelligence NCO

  • One of 4 founders of root9B, a premier cybersecurity provider.

  • Former Vice President of Training  and Director of Threat Intelligence

  • Former Team Lead at NATO SOF, Belgium in intelligence led forensics and cyber operations training

  • Senior Instructor/Course developer



  • Prior AI/SOAR Visionary for root9B

  • Assistant SOC and engineering/data engineering program architect

  • SIEM engineer for Elasticsearch, Splunk, IBM QRadar, and LogRhythm, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

  • Gloriously Bearded DevSecOps Engineer



  • Former CFO, Emkay Development

  • Senior member of Corporate Planning Staff, Morrison-Knudsen Corporation

  • Dept. Director for billion Dollar worldwide equipment fleet

  • President and Founder of several successful construction companies

  • MBA, UCLA in Finance

  • BS, UCSB, Mechanical Engineering

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What is shadowscape?

Shadowscape is built upon the idea that by understanding our threats and scrutinizing the threats that lurk in the darkest shadows among the threat landscape, we can better understand the principles of network defense.

Cutting Edge Cyber Security Services and Cyber Security Consulting

At Shadowscape we are on the cutting edge of cyber security. Our cyber security services can help you and your business stay safe online. The digital landscape is one of inherent risks. As new safety tactics are developed, so too are new exploits. The safety recommendations you had been using in the past may no longer correspond to today’s threat models.
We can help you tighten up any gaps in your existing cyber security with our cyber security consulting. We can work with your existing IT team to not only assess your vulnerabilities, but develop strategies that are tailored to your specific conditions. If you’ve never worked with cyber security specialists before, we can develop a brand new threat analysis for your organization as well as security protocols to match.
In order to keep your company ahead of any security threats, we offer a robust array of cyber security services. We can create risk assessments of your current security condition which gives you the best model to build your security protocols on. We also offer cyber security consulting to help you develop a plan to stay ahead of any incoming threats. We can work with your existing team or give you the tools you need to build out your first cyber security plan. We offer a cyber security service that can watch over your digital assets and make sure your company is safe.
If you are looking to shore up your cyber security education, we also offer training programs that can get your staff up to speed on the latest threats and the best ways to beat them.

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