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Online, Self-Paced Training

Cyber Intelligence Analytics and Operations - 60 Day Online, Self Paced Training

Learn the facets of intelligence analysis and how to utilize it to perform ongoing cyber operations to scrutinize intrusions and conduct proactive investigations. This class is available for online for 60 days from registration with weekly live cohorts & concludes with a certificate of training.

Cyber Intelligence Analytics and Operations - 60 Day Online, Self Paced Training
Cyber Intelligence Analytics and Operations - 60 Day Online, Self Paced Training

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Access granted once registered

Online, Self-Paced Training


About the Event

Unit 1:  The Art of Intelligence

  ~ Module 1.1: Characteristics of Intelligence

  • Role of Intelligence
  • Data vs. Intelligence
  • Decision Making with Intelligence
  • History of Intelligence
  • The Intelligence Cycle
  • Sources and Assets
  • All-Source vs. Single Source Intelligence
  • Intel Driven Ops vs. Ops Driven Intel

  ~ Module 1.2: Intelligence Planning

  • Planning, Direction and Requirements
  • Collections Management
  • Collections Planning & Tasking

  ~ Module 1.3:  Intelligence Analysis & Reporting

  • Critical Thinking
  • Analytic Tradecraft   
  • Qualitative vs. Quantitative Analysis
  • Structured Analytic Techniques    
  • Intelligence Dissemination and Reporting

Unit 2:  Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) Theory

  ~ Module 2.1: Threat Intel Overview

  • Threat Intelligence Challenges (Analysis vs. Automation)    
  • CTI Program Implementation  

  ~ Module 2.2: TI Theory: Strategic and Operational       

  • Threat Based Defense/Top Down Approach     
  • Anticipate the Adversary with OODA 
  • Risk Management
  • Proactive Defense with TI
  • Intro to MITRE ATT&CK
  • Intro to Threat Modeling 

  ~ Module 2.3: CTI Theory: Tactics       

  • Types of Operations
  • Know thy Enemy: Cyber Adversaries
  • Exploits, Malware & Vulnerabilities   

Unit 3:  CTI Operations

  ~Module 3.1: Tactical Cyber Intelligence Operations         

  • OPSEC Tradecraft
  • OSINT Overview & Resources
  • Intel Ops with OSINT (Domain Investigations, IOCs, DNS Analysis, SSL/TLS Cert Analysis, Email Headers)

  ~ Module 3.2: Intelligence Sharing

  • Intel Sharing Agencis
  • Threat Platforms
  • Tactical Reporting

  ~ Module 3.3: Operation Cyber Intelligence Operations

  • Threat Modeling/Threat Profile Analysis (ATT&CK, Diamond Model, Frameworks)
  • Gap Analysis w/ATT&CK and Navigator, CAR
  • Minimizing Your Attack Surface/System Baselining
  • Operational CTI Reporting

  ~ Module 3.4: Strategic Cyber Intel Ops

  • Controlling/Closing the Gaps
  • Intel-Driven Network Defense Ops Strategies
  • DFIR/Threat Hunting Operations Strategies
  • Threat Environment Reporting

Shadowscape's threat intelligence certification program is a comprehensive, multi-course track that is not simply a watered down overview of what TI is, but rather is built upon a platform that necessitates the students gain expert level knowledge about the adversary and their TTPs. Students will install and employ industry standard TI platforms and tools as well as gain a comprehensive understanding of the intelligence and analytics processes of refining data and information into usable, actionable content. Make no mistake, this certification program will give our students the resources to build and employ a comprehensive TI program within their own organizations as well as the knowledge and expertise absolutely necessary to recognize the threat when it's knocking on their doorstep.        

*Course is approximately 40 Hours of Online Self-Paced training. Access to portal available for 60 days.


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