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BDR Service description

Business continuity and disaster recovery should not be considered a luxury, but should be planned for by all organizations. This is not just having a backup of your information sitting in a server rack. Your physical office can be completely knocked out for a number of different reasons from natural or environmental disasters to a full-blown ransomware infection. Having multiple ways to continue business as normal as fast as possible will help keep your business running smoothly in the face of disaster.

  • Enterprise-grade, cost-effective, unified backup and disaster recovery (BDR)

  • Complete backup and recovery solutions available.

  • Flexible deployment options; for cloud, hybrid or on-premise infrastructure

  • Integrated help-desk support, will provide day-to-day management, monitoring, troubleshooting and recovery

  • Advanced automation and verification system provides recovery-point-integrity checks coupled with a time-lapse video of entire boot processes for maximum visibility.

  • Continuous data protection with block-level backup, maximizing data availability and resiliency.

  • Advanced cloud security with advanced cloud security and 24x7 DDoS prevention/automatic data replication between data-centers. 

  • AES-256 Encryption for data at rest, in transit and in the cloud rendering ransomware ineffective

  • Instant virtualization & recovery which means minimal downtime   and restoration of business operations in minutes.

  • Continual 24x7 management, monitoring and troubleshooting of backups

  • Meet or exceed recovery point/time objectives no matter what type of environment.

  • Optional backup services for your Software-as-a-Service solutions (i.e.:Office 365, Salesforce, G Suite, etc.)

  • Adaptable to almost any business budget.

  • Technical specs

    • Data centers operated globally under strict local and global compliance such as ISO 27001 and ISAE 3402 Type II.

    • Data hosting locations: USA, EMEA and Australia.

    • All data in transit and at rest are protected with a 256-bit TLS customer-unique encryption key.

    • Compliant with GDPR, HIPAA, and more.

    • Unlimited archive storage.

maximize your resiliency

Downtime is simply not an option. It kills revenue and mission readiness. True business resiliency requires a full-scale, security solution, preventing attacks from compromising your business operations in the first place. This requires comprehensive security awareness from patch/vulnerability management, monitoring and remediation, compliance auditing and backup/disaster recovery (BDR) services. Few things mitigate cost impacts better than a solid BDR solution. Ensure your security program is covered with BDR today!

Lower your impact with BDR

The cohesive synergy of remote management,  security services/monitoring and disaster recovery working in concert with one another cannot be overstated. It is important to ensure that you're not "stovepiping" your directorates from working holistically with one another. The power of intelligence-driven security services ensures that all facets of security services are given the conduit of communication as well as powers to action when a security event arrives.

This is no check in the box

When clients subscribe to Shadowscape Security Services, they aren't just receiving security, but a comprehensive, threat informed risk/threat assessment program that constantly recalibrates the client's security posture in the face of changing threat environment. Doing so ensures that your defense solutions are always maximizing their return and never growing stale.

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