Cybersecurity in the Time of Covid: Trends To Look Out for in 2021

The US Treasury is the latest victim on the long list of cyber-attacks that have taken place in this unprecedented, pandemic-ridden year. Hackers backed by “foreign governments” and armed with “world-class capabilities” have virtually taken over some of the world’s largest organizations, cybersecurity companies, and thousands of Apple devices. The damage can hardly be estimated in measurable parameters. This series of cyber-attacks not only highlights the vulnerability of enterprises and individuals but also provides a glimpse into the devastation they can leave in their wake.

The recurring incidences of major cyber threats call for intelligent, sensible and dynamic security standards. Now, is the best time to invest in forward-looking and evolving technology priorities. Gone are the days of relying on static security packages. The threats loom large as the adversary keeps updating and changing the game. The changing risks need to be assessed continuously and the gaps must constantly and continuously be identified.