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24x7x365 Cyber Threat Monitoring
A SIEM is only as good as the analysts that manage it. Let us employ our threat based defenses to monitor for your unique threats.

Shadowscape’s Intelligence-Driven Network Security service is a 24x7x365 comprehensive SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) solution that is designed to be directly scalable to the needs of the customer and their respective networking environment. Don’t inundate yourself with hundreds or thousands of false positive alerts. Through implementation, Shadowscape’s security analysts can gain exceptionally enhanced situational awareness of the network, letting you focus on your business operations. By integrating our TIaaS offering, we can implement contextual, proactive security detection measures which are guided by the client’s most pervasive threats that are both internal and external to the network. Finally, it’s implementation, coupled with other services that assess server/account configuration reporting, serves not only to enhance the security of the network, but to drive mandated adherence to compliance frameworks such as HIPAA or PCI.




what is a siem and why adopt a managed siem?

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) systems aggregate security and event logs and data from vast numbers of endpoints, security appliances and network devices in a centralized management console to allow for the real time monitoring and analysis of alerts. Baseline activity can be determined and deviating behaviors investigated through careful tuning and vigilance of threat activity. A properly configured SIEM is game changing to the security capabilities of a company.



Why do I need a managed solution?

  • Shadowscape's analysts use methods of risk analysis and threat intelligence to craft and curate the right queries commensurate with the client's unique risks, threats and vulnerabilities.

  • Cyber attacks are growing to be more pervasive and sophisticated. Meanwhile it's easy for analysts to "drown" in thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of alerts daily.

  • Setup is daunting and time consuming.



Aggregate all logs and data to one centralized location and curate alerts specifically to your risk profile and most likely threats.

  • Most regulatory frameworks specifically require periodic collection and review of information system activity to include security alerts, logs for auditing and access events.

  • SIEMs are extremely crucial in helping to mitigate cyber risk by configuring alerting of specific activities that are high risk to the organization as well as ensuring that existing defense tools and methods are operating effectively.

  • Security budgets are tight and maintaining a SOC (Security Operations Center) team as well as the buying the tools and the maintenance thereof can be prohibitive. A managed network security is typically far more cost effective.

  • Cybersecurity has a 0% unemployment rate, making the HR requirements to staff and keep trained on the latest threats and defense measures can be extremely difficult, especially for 24/7 monitoring.

intelligence-driven network security

SIEM solutions monitor for suspicious activity and "learn" what behaviors are expected and what are anomalous, helping to manage post-breach responses far more effectively and timely, prohibiting minor events from becoming a major incidents.


24/7/365 monitoring

A SOC (security operations center) that provides 24x7 monitoring of all critical events in near real time, alleviating the burden on your IT staff.

Log Analytics

Our SIEM collects, normalizes, analyzes and retains log data from multiple collection agents automatically.


Typical small/medium businesses lack in-house IT staff to maintain, manage and respond/remediate alerts for 24/7 operations.

cloud security

Collections agents are deployed to identify malicious user activity in cloud based services and apps.

network inspection

Network inspection  identifies malicious traffic between suspected malicious hosts and our internal systems.

risk mitigation

Our managed SIEM allows our analysts to craft direct mitigating controls for identified cyber risks that are identified through our intel analytics

Threat detection

Identifies anomalous behaviors and millions of IOCs through distributed collections agents throughout the network systems and security infrastructure.

threat intel

Identifies critical IOCs (indicators of compromise) from hundreds of shared sources and internal investigations complete with  recommendations for action

What Makes Shadowscape's Managed Network Security Solution Different?

At Shadowscape, we don't just provide monitoring services that simply inherit your security configuration. With our intelligence-driven security services, we provide continual tuning and fortification of your security posture to provide you with an ever improving program in the face of growing threats. Our analysts will provide targeted, threat informed SIEM tuning to ensure your risks are directly being addressed.

Stay Protected with Our Network Security Services and Analytics with a managed SIEM

Data is the name of the game when it comes to network security services. It’s both what allows us to give you comprehensive protection as well as what the criminals are after. Our cyber security analytics provide us with robust information about your systems and security needs. This data collection allows us to build realistic threat assessment of your network and make the best plans we can for how to help keep you safe.
Cyber security analytics is the process of using data gathering to build threat models and determine possible weaknesses. We conduct data assessment such monitoring all the traffic on your network to make sure there are no threats on your system’s traffic and to also make sure that we can patch any gaps we find. We use a variety of data sources and monitoring techniques to build an accurate model of the threats you face.
There is no one size fits all plans when it comes to cyber security. Our network security services are custom tailored to match your needs. As we gather analytic data from your network, we can continue to fine tune what we have to offer and make sure your systems are as safe as they can be.
To learn more about how the latest in data gathering and analytics can help keep your organization safe, get in touch with our security specialists today.

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